“Greg is a tremendous host, running the festival very smoothly.”

- Richard Lounello, LifeQuest

“Greg Lamberson was the consummate host. He keeps the focus on the films and the filmmakers and curates a high quality program. Buffalo itself is great- A working class city in all the best ways. Finally, we were blown away by the strong sense of community and support in the West New York film world. Everyone is there for each other and it is obvious, to us at least, that great films are coming out of, and will continue to come out of, that area.” 

- Clayton Allis, In the Weeds

“Venue was amazing, film was shown in a real theater, as it was intended for. People are great, supportive of one another, great atmosphere. Highly recommended.”

- Victoria Hutton

“The excellent films and Greg's insightful comments afterward made for a wonderful experience. I give this festival my highest recommendation.”

- Thomas Doran, Screenwriter

“Greg's questions and comments to the filmmakers during the Q&A sessions were so thoughtful. An artist is never really sure when they start creating something if anybody will ever care or even know about it, so to be given the chance to stand up and talk about our work a little bit was really appreciated.”

- Kristen Skeet, Murder Creek and Infatuation


“Greg is very welcoming and takes time to conduct Q&As for any filmmaker that attends.”

- Ricky Umberger, The Fear Footage

 “The Q&A conducted by Greg was among the best I've had the pleasure of partaking in.”

- Joe Blodgett, Locke

“I loved Greg Lamberson and his crew. These guys are just true blue fans of genre film that make you feel like one of the family. A great experience.”

- Nick Costa, Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time